The Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524




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Record No Source Register Folio Month Day Year Cancelled Date Created Date Notes Date Last Modified Day in Source Day Cancelled Doge's Name Editions Father's Qualifiers Family Name Officeholder's Family Name Father's Name (Latin) Father's Title Father's Name Officeholder's First Name (Latin) Officeholder's First Name Kohl No Month in Source Month Cancelled Officeholder's Grandfather Notes in Source Office Name Office Place Office Region Office Type Officeholder Qualifiers Officeholder's Grandfather (Latin) Sestiere (Latin) Original Office Name Parish (Latin) Parish Pledger Pledger's Qualifiers Pledger's Father's Qualifiers Pledger's Family Name (Latin) Pledger's Family Name Pledger's Father's Age Pledger's Father's Honorific Pledger's Father's Kinship Pledger's Father's Name (Latin) Pledger's Father's Name Pledger's Father's Nickname Pledger's Father's Other Office Pledger's Grandfather (Latin) Pledger's Grandfather Pledger's First Name (Latin) Pledger's Name Pledger's First and Family Name Pledger's Title Refusal Day Refusal Month Refusal Year Sestiere Substitute Substitute Family Name (Latin) Substitute Family Name Substitute Name (Latin) Substitute Name Officeholder's First and Family Name Year in Source Year Cancelled

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