The Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524

Interpretations, Methods, Database

Who held office in late medieval Venice? The Rulers of Venice project as a whole attempts to answer this seemingly simple question. This site hosts a database offering access to the election records of the medieval Venetian republic. At the core of the database are the nine registers of the Segretario alle Voci, listing the noble Venetians elected to office from 1340 to 1524. There is also data from elections held in the Senate, Council of Ten, and Great Council. In total, there are over 70,000 records giving information about elections and officeholding in the medieval period. Rulers of Venice also includes a book of essays with a full description of the source material and four case studies demonstrating the way the material can be used.

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Benjamin G. Kohl Andrea Mozzato Monique O'Connell